I needed someone to help with editing my book. Peg fit the bill. What I liked most about her was how quickly she was able to send me the revised material.   Her work demonstrated both skill and professionalism.  After Peg’s work on the manuscript, I received a book contract.  I would recommend her without hesitation.

America’s Romance with the English Garden

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tjm; Columnist, blogger, and author of three books. www.americangardening.net

My technical abstract was accurate and concise, but it did not read smoothly. Peg quickly found two things done awkwardly, then worked with me to fix them and to polish the rest of the document. It is still my abstract, but now it also represents the best of my work.

Mark Terribile

Peg Robinson has a sharp eye for detail. She’s quick to pick up on spelling and grammatical errors, and she handles even the most sophisticated writing with care. What’s more, she brings a sense of humor to the job that is all too rare among professional word nerds.

Rebecca Smith Hurd, instructor, Mediabistro