Writer, Copywriter, Editor


My name is Peg Robinson. I work with words.

I’m a professional freelance writer, copywriter, content provider, and editor. I offer a variety of services to individuals and companies who need someone to attend to the art and science of the written word. My bread-and-butter work is freelance book editing, supplemented by content writing.

As an editor I provide developmental editing and light copy editing of both fiction and non-fiction books, all genres. I also edit academic writing, theses and dissertations, journal articles, and provide ESL editing for academics and authors who do not write English as their first language.

As a content writer I produce researched articles in a range of fields. I’m proficient in history, religious studies, cultural studies, literature, food and foodways, and science, biology, and medicine written for a lay audience. I am also a professional fiction writer, with sales to Pocket Books, Cicada Magazine, and more.

I am available for work in all these areas. My pay rates are negotiable, but are based on those found at the Editorial Freelancer’s Association (EFA). Feel free to inquire: rates ¬†determined by the scope and difficulty of the job in question.

I can be reached by email at pegeel@aol.com


About pegrobinson

Award winning freelance writer and editor. Scholar of World History, Religion and Mythology. Volunteer archivist. Interests: Myth, story, and culture: fiction and theater. Choral music. Food and food ways, cooking. Cool web comics. Learning new things. Drawing, design.
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  1. Kenneth says:

    Off to a great start!

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